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Stain Removal Cleaning Tips

  • How to Remove Pet Stains

    Fresh, old or dry pet stains are hard - sometimes even impossible - to clean or remove from carpets. With the use of a bacteria/enzyme digester and a few cleaning steps your carpet will be back to normal in no time. Read more →

  • How To Clean Up Spills

    Merry Maids does not provide carpet or upholstery cleaning, so we suggest that you contact our sister company, ServiceMaster Clean®, which provides carpet, drapery and upholstery cleaning, as well as fire and flood cleanup. Visit the ServiceMaster website and ask their experts. Read more →

  • How To Remove Stains from Clothes

    Merry Maids doesn't provide laundry service, so we can't expertly address stains you find on fabrics. However, our friends at Tide® suggest that the most important aspect of stain removal is pre-treating as soon as possible. The sooner you can soak or pre-treat a stain, the better your chances of being able to remove it. You can find more tips from the laundry experts, here.Read more →

Other Cleaning Tips
  • How To Clean Hard Water Spots

    Soap scum, mildew and hard water spots can form on home surfaces. Hard water deposits are alkaline, so an acid-based cleaner is the best way to clean them. What may appear to be hard to clean can really be a simple fix, with these tips. Read more →

  • How To Clean Grout

    Old grout may need cleaning with a wax stripper or heavy-duty cleaner plus a grout brush. Use a bleaching cleanser on tough spots. Once the grout is as clean as you can get it, rinse it well. When it's thoroughly dry, apply a coat of masonry sealer so that it doesn't absorb dirt in the future. Read more →

  • How To Clean Painted Walls

    The type and quality of the paint greatly affects how you clean a wall and how easily dirt comes off. Generally, there are four types of paint finishes: baked enamel, general-purpose enamels, latex flat, and exterior paints.Read more →

  • How To Repair Damaged Wood Furniture

    Merry Maids routinely dusts and applies lemon oil to wood furniture. We suggest you visit our sister company, Furniture Medic®, a furniture repair and restoration company. If you have questions about furniture restoration or repair, please feel free to visit the Furniture Medic web site for expert advice. Read more →

  • How To Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

    We love our pets, but can live without the hairy mess they leave behind on our furniture and carpets. Learn how to clean up pet hair with the tips below.Read more →

Seasonal Cleaning Tips
  • Mummify Your Pumpkin-Carving Workspace

    Pumpkin carving is a family favorite – but after the fun is over, you might be frightened by the remnants of the pumpkin you started with. Read more →

  • Witches Brew to Dye For

    Making Halloween treats spookier and frighteningly more fun with food coloring seems like a great idea, until it ends up on your carpet or upholstery! Have no fear – fill up a cauldron with this homemade witches brew. Read more →

  • Frightening Face Paint...Poof!

    It’s the one night a year when kids can let their imaginations run wild with costumes and disguises…and to make this come to life, face paint is a must! But with all the excitement of eating candy and getting ready to trick-or-treat, the paint has a tendency to smear on unwanted surfaces, such as clothing or the sofa. Read more →

  • Mad Scientist’s Baking Laboratory

    Transform your kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab and mix up some Halloween treats with your kids for a school costume parade or neighborhood party…but don’t let the cleanup scare you. Read more →

  • Creepy, Crawly Treasure Hunt

    Before the trick-or-treaters arrive, it’s fun to get into the Halloween spirit and decorate the house and front yard with spooky decorations. But when All Hallows’ Eve comes to end, no one wants to run into those creepy, crawly surprises. Read more →

  • Double-Duty Holiday Decor

    Holiday décor is essential to giving spaces a more festive appearance, but it can also double the amount of housework you have each day. Give your holiday décor a second life after it’s hung. Read more →

  • Tackling the Naughtiest Holiday Stains

    While red wine, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy are real crowd-pleasers, they aren't so kind to upholstery and carpets. Read more →

  • Mother-in-Law Approved Cleanings

    If anyone is making her list and checking it twice, it’s your mother-in-law checking in to see if her child’s home is naughty or nice. Read more →

  • Holiday Party Prep

    With all the cooking, shopping and office soirees, who has time to clean? Ditch that mindset and create a plan of attack one week in advance, taking on one room or chore every day. Read more →

  • Cleaning with Minutes to Spare

    Before you know it, the holidays are here, your guests are arriving and your home could use some cleaning. Take 15 minutes to simply make your home appear like you've spent a full day cleaning it. Read more →